Client Spotlight: nadir jaffer

So working out with a qualified trainer in a boutique gym was very appealing as he would be able to answer those questions. Raf is able to customize a workout routine based on my current abilities and future goals.  He keeps me intrigued and challenged with unique regimes that allow me to stay fit and stay focused.  He targets particular areas that I need to develop while enhancing the areas of strength.  My workouts are such an effective and efficient use of my time and the overall experience has definitely been worth it.  You get what you pay for.  Having a $15/month gym membership got me nowhere and would’ve taken me a decade to where I have gotten in the last couple of years working out with Raf.    I have come a long way in both my weight and strength.  It is an amazing feeling to be able to pick up all 3 of my kids and enjoy so many activities with my entire family.  I can work out in the morning, play sports with my kids after a long day at work and still enjoy a walk with my wife, and feel great at the end of the day. 

I have been able to maintain a better reading on my triglycerides and sugar levels; both my doctor and I are really happy. She encourages me to keep working out for my overall health. More than just the numbers and my leaner figure, I feel satisfied that I am doing what is in my power to create a more enjoyable and healthy future.

foundation of a healthy future. With my busy work and home life schedule I needed to keep things simple and efficient.  Recreational sports would need to be routine and scheduled, meals would have to be controlled with portions and a lot of the tempting foods would need to be eliminated from the house pantry.  That was simple to me. 

The key component that had always been more difficult to incorporate was an effective workout routine.  I needed something that I could believe would actually help me.  A gym membership had never worked as the commitment to it would always fizzle out from uninteresting workouts. I never knew what equipment to use and how to use it properly. What was form supposed to look like? And how could I target the different muscle groups?

As a child and teenager I played a lot of sports both recreationally with friends along with organized sport teams inside and outside of school.  I could get away with eating anything and everything while still maintaining a trim figure.

After getting married, launching my career, and then starting a family, my fitness level dropped and I basically got to a point where I wasn’t playing any sports or having any activity at all.  Soon after my first child was born, my father passed away suddenly at the age of 65 of a massive heart attack.  This got me thinking about my own health and mortality.  I decided to make a proactive visit to the doctor’s office to check in on my levels.  A blood test showed I needed to get a few things back in check.  My triglycerides and sugar levels were not standard for my age; that coupled with some not so favourable family history of heart disease and diabetes highlighted the need to do something.  Not too long after that, I reconnected with a group of high school friends and started playing basketball once a week.  This reunited me with one of my passions, playing sports. I quickly realized that having a fitness regime along with some recreational sport, and better eating habits would be the