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Sweat Challenge Update

Congratulations to Sue Hartford for taking top spot on last month’s challenge, “The Bump and Run”. Catch her if you can this month on the…

Coaches’ Corner

"My Five "Go To" Meals on the Go" - by Rafal Matuszewski

"One of the biggest challenges of healthy eating is when you're in a rush, don't have time, on the go, traveling, or just plain old ran out of food and you've begun licking the crumbs in your fridge...."

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"The Summah-Time Triplet"

This month’s Sweat Challenge is a triple threat – you start with the rower, followed by a run and return to either the sandbag squat thrusts or dumbbell manmakers (neither one is very nice). You must complete the triplet once for time-then take a mandatory minimum rest equal to half of your first round and then complete the triplet a second time.

Level One: 250m row + 200m run + Sandbag Squat Thrust (x10) (M=35lbs, W=25lbs)

Level Two: 500m row + 200m row + Dumbbell Manmaker (x5) (M-25% BW, W=20% BW)

Client Highlights

MEC Vancouver Century Ride (May):

  • Art Forster (100KM)

TRI-IT Triathlon (June):

  • Kristen Bailey

Whistler Tough Mudder Full and Half (June):

  • Karen Peacock
  • Rebecca Jarvis
  • Rob van Zanten

World Roller Hockey Championships (June):

  • David Peacock

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