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Michelle Shepard is a Registered Dietician who owns Westcoast Nutrition, where she specializes in making nutrition simple. Whether you're looking for weight loss or you're an athlete looking to increase your sports performance, we love referring our members to Michelle as we know they will get the best support and results!

To learn more about Michelle and her services please visit her website at www.westcoastnutrition.ca
In order for our members to achieve optimal health and wellness, we have built a referral network of like-minded professionals. Whether it's our in-house Registered Dietician or Physiotherapists, we will collaborate and create a cohesive plan designed to help our members get the most out of their training.
Pure Form Physio is a clinic of like-minded physiotherapists with one goal: to assist people in reducing pain, feeling great, and getting back to doing what they love to do. Working together with this amazing team of professionals we are able to help our members rehabilitate faster so they can get back to working on their goals as soon as possible!

To learn more about their clinic, visit their website at

Michelle  Shepard

Registered Dietitian