Last year we published a blog called “What is Healthy?” (if you missed it and are curious, you can read it here), with the basic message being that many people struggle with setting specific targets if they aren’t participating in a sport or event that has a tangible measure, and wind up asking “Am I fit? How can I tell?”.

You see, everyone needs goalposts – otherwise you wind up wandering (both in fitness and in life), but not everyone WANTS to participate in a marathon or play on a rec-league soccer team.  So, once they get beyond certain basic health markers, they find themselves at a bit of a loss.

And this is what the Iron Legion offers you: the chance to set personal goals based on specific benchmarks – in other words, you can test yourself and see where you stand (relative to your own age, weight and gender), and tangibly mark the necessary steps to achieve the next level up.

There are six tested categories in the standard assessment – push, pull, squat, hinge, core and conditioning – with an additional “Endurance” category that can be earned along the way.

Interested? Here are a few more details to help you decide if you’d like to jump on board:

Who is this program good for?

  • Anyone that’s looking for some direction to their program, likes tangible and objective benchmarks to gauge progress, and wants to know how they measure up compared to a specific population

Who would this program NOT be a good fit for?

  • People who are training for specific goals outside of the ones within the categories – such as sport-specific performance results or specific body composition goals. Specific goals require specific training protocols

What’s included?

  • An 8 week program designed specifically to prepare you for the level you will be testing at
  • The testing session
  • A t-shirt color coded to one of three grades (think of belt levels in the martial arts)

What is the difference between a “grade” and a “level”?

  • There are three grades – the first is “Delta”, the second is “Alpha” and the top grade is the “Omega”.
  • Each grade has levels – Delta has 6 levels, Alpha has 3 levels, and the Omega grade has only a single level.
  • The Delta levels are estimated to need approximately 8 weeks’ worth of training to prepare for, the Alpha levels require 12-16 weeks’ worth of training, and to prepare for the Omega grade an individual may need anywhere from 12-24 weeks’ worth or preparation, based on the required strength and skill capabilities.

When are the tests?

  • As mentioned above, they occur every 8 weeks on a Saturday afternoon

Why are there so many kettlebell skills involved?

  • The kettlebell is one of the most all-purpose tools available in the gym environment, but it’s also one of the most butchered. By incorporating stages of development/improvement for the kettlebell into the program itself, we not only get an individualized measure of progress – we learn a series of invaluable skills as well

Okay, this sounds awesome – what’s the cost?

  • The cost is $149 if you’re a current client and $249 if you currently don’t train with us – this is for the initial registration or any time you’re going to be testing to move up to the next tier
  • The cost is $50 to register for the training/testing within a tier
  • Keep in mind: these prices are for the 8 weeks, NOT per month

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